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Service Name : Body Care

Service Description :

Salt glow body scrub: $90
Exfoliates and polishes away dull surface skin,imparts a radiant healthy glow,breaks down the build up of waxes from soaps, detergents and lotions,prompts the regeneration of skin cells,increases circulation,helps prevent in-grown hair on legs.

Seaweed detoxifying body wrap:  $90
Detoxifies and balances water retention,cleanses the skin tissues that appear rippled by unlocking fluids and toxins trapped in the tissues,stimulates Lymphatic flow to eliminate released toxins through the kidney and bladder.

Remineralizing Body wrap: $90
Penetrates and nourishes to rehydrate and remineralize the skin,improves skin tone and color while stimulating healthy circulation and renewing energy, firms and smooths the skin by re-elasticizing the tissues,increases the skin’s ability to hold moisture,restores a radiant glow to the skin and body.

Back Facial: $50
Soothe tired back muscles while rejuvenating skin.

Acne back treatment: $90
Unblocks the follicle opening and thoroughly cleanses the skin on the back to prevent future breakouts,controls oil production, reducing shininess, remineralizes and rehydrates the skin on the back.

Microdermabrasion Back: $75